Annie Randall is an environmental activist and self taught British artist, exploring the intersection of humans and nature, which we are part of yet detached from. Her work is inspired by different types of flora and fauna, throwing ourselves into that mix, rather than remaining separate.

Natural form plays a prominent role, whether that be the naked body, flowers, leaves or insects - fusing the human and non-human to celebrate different aspects of their beauty and charm. Annie’s work questions the toxic relationships we have with the natural world, and the capitalist, patriarchal narratives that permeate into the intimate relationships with each other and ourselves. We’re taught to be individual, but we’re intrinsically social just as multiple animals and plants communicate with one another for sustenance and support.

Art and activism are inextricably linked for Annie, as processes that nourish one another. She’s campaigned on air pollution, airport expansion, fossil fuel divestment, citizen’s assemblies, helped build international climate action networks and currently focuses on rewilding as a climate solution. Her activism has connected her with communities across the world. 

Humans are currently sitting at a critical juncture, with the ecological crisis and mass biodiversity loss already on our doorstep. These are uncomfortable truths that we must acknowledge and address. Our relationship with nature is confused and detached, but Annie’s work is an attempt to galvanise others into action, to hold belief that there is still the opportunity for change, and see that change can be positive, nourishing and empowering.

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